Cages & Accesories

Custom made Hedgehog cage comes equipped with running wheel, sleeping/ breeding box, food and water bowl, heating pad, light, 1 x 100ml hedgie wash, 1 x 100ml quill spray,1 x 500ml rocket cleaner and 1 x 2.5kg pure pine wood shavings

R 2750.00

Our nesting boxes are spacious and provide easy access for cleaning by using the lift-off lid. Custom made wooden breeding/sleeping box

R 275.00

strong steel constructed enamel coated running wheel with rubber inner to protect your hedgie’s feet and to make cleaning easy 

R 450.00

Hedgie wash – specifically formulated for use on hedgehogs, can also be used on most other small animals

R 95.00 per 100ml bottle.

Hedgie quill spray contains liquid coconut oil and is essential to help with itchy and dry skin –  Just give a few sprays in luke warm bath water. A bottle will last you a couple of months.

R 110.00 per 100ml

Specifically formulated for cleaning hedgehog and any other animal cages. Antibacterial formula which kills germs and also eliminates odours –

R 100.00 per 500ml.

Combo cleaning and hygiene kit includes a 500ml rocket cleaner, 100ml hedgie shampoo and a 100 ml hedgie quill spray –

R 270.00, you save R 35.00.

pure natural untreated pine shavings ideal for your hedgie’s nesting and sleeping requirements 

R 40.00 per bag

Stainless steel bowl with rubber base, easy to clean and non slip

R 100.00 per set or R 55.00 per bowl

For a healthy gut, simply sprinkle a little bit over food

R 65.00 for 40 grams

F10 germicidal ointment – help treat open and exposed wounds, simply apply a small amount to the affected areas

R 75.00 for 40 grams 

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