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Who I am and how it all Started

My name is Marius and I have always had a passion and great love for pets. I have always had a variety of pets and my dream was always to one day make a living for myself by supplying other pet lovers with animals and accessories that would bring them joy and that they would take great care of. I bought my first pair of breeding hedgehogs a couple of years ago and I currently have a few pairs of breeding hedgehogs. I fell in love with these little unique animals and I came to realise that they make wonderful pets. They each have their own personalities and it does not take long before they creep deep into your heart. My focus is to breed quality and not quantity and I will never allow in-breeding.

Interested in buying?

My site will be updated with available little hedgehogs under the link : Little one’s for sale.



If you are interested in buying a little baby hedgehog you can view pictures on my site and can also get in touch with me via my e mail address info@hedgehogfanatic.co.za.Viewing and contact with little babies are not recommended as the mother could quite easily reject the little one’s after contact with strangers.Smell is their strongest sense and the mother is very sensitive to strange odours, this could upset her and could even cause aggressive behaviour towards the little ones. I will be able to supply you with sufficient footage of the mother and little one.



Once you decide that you are ready to make a commitment, you will be required to make a 50% deposit into my bank account using your name and surname as reference. Proof of deposit should be mailed to orders@hedgehogfanatic.co.za and you will then receive a reply confirming that your little one has been reserved. You will also receive notification of the collection date when your little one will be ready for pick up.

Important Things to know

  • I am currently only selling hedgehogs to persons in Gauteng as there could be possible permit restrictions in other provinces.
  • Hedgehogs are considered exotic pets and as such no permit is required in the Gauteng Province.
  • My hedgehogs are all African Pygmy hedgehogs and the average adult weighs approximately 500 grams.
  • They are prone to obesity and it is extremely important that they get regular exercise to ensure good health.
  • Hedgehog cages should be well ventilated and should have sufficient space for a food bowl, water bottle, a sheltered house and very importantly a running wheel.
  • A heating pad is also recommended in winter months.

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Marius: 071 683 5995
Email: Info@hedgehogFanatic.co.za

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