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4 Quadrant Alternative Investment Portfolio

What is the Quadrant approach?

The quadrant approach is what happens when you take years of trading and market experience and incorporate modern technology.

We have developed our own proprietary 4 quadrant approach, which from its inception was to better scan the market and to be able to manage risk better but developed into so much more

Using our own proprietary built software we have quantitative methods of analysis on various securities by doing extensive back testing, forward testing & optimization couple with the qualitative filter of our teams years of experience as an additional layer of oversight.

We have developed multiple highly probably trading strategies that meet each quadrants criteria

How does the quadrant work?

If you really simplify everything down, one can break the market into 4 main factors:

1. Bullish
2. Bearish
3. Sideways or consolidating
4. Volatility 

Our aim is to diversify trading strategies to be positioned at all times to take advantage of any of the market factor’s listed above.

By doing this we achieve uncorrelated returns within a portfolio by using a blend of multiple trading strategies with sound risk management principles.

Features of Investment:

  1. Mixed Strategy to diversify risk
  2. Large universe with over a thousand stocks
  3. Quantified approach
  4. Market Agnostic

Intraday & Swing Trading

    • Volatile markets
    • Momentum
    • Mean reversion
    • Range trades

Trend Following

  • Bullish trends
  • Bearish trends
  • Momentum
  • Fundamental backing in universe

Pair Trading

    • Volatile markets
    • Mean reversion
    • Momentum
    • While stripping out: Currency, Sector & Market risk

Structural and special opportunities

    • Corporate Actions
    • Macro & Micro changes
    • Qualitative analysis
    • Mispriced assets
ZAR 4 Quadrant Alternative Investment

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USD 4 Quadrant Alternative Investment

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